I Will Wait.

Safe to say “I have lived a fulfilled life.” I saw the most beautiful of persons on a bright Sunday Morning. Her eyes were like the moon, so beautiful. Hotter than the sun. *scoffs*

Tall, beautiful, she snatched my soul and made it hers. I was at her command, I was compelled by *lust at first sight* her body was calling for me, but I could barely make a move. I couldn’t utter a word, I was hypnotised.

She spoke a word, all I could do was smile, I smiled foolishly. She might be in a relationship, but I’ll wait. I will cross oceans for her, I will climb mountains for her. I will wait a thousand years for her. I was connected to her at the very minute we got talking, I could see her mind, read her thoughts. Never seen anything as sexy as her lips, you look at her too much, then you become one of her slaves. She made everything beautiful, my God, I was lost.

I paid no mind to nothing again, that was the start of a never ending obsession, a pure one. One I would gratefully go to the end of time for. I will wait for you, I will wait.


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