Once a beautiful girl with the most beautiful of smiles, the softest of touches, the friendliest of them all, then all came down to ashes on a dreadful day. One that’d live with her for the rest of her life, only twenty years of age and she felt the world dropping on her. Raped by 2 powerful men, she succumbed to them. 
Life became tasteless, everywhere became dark, the woman that painted the world white went into oblivion. Her fears were widened. Strength and the will to live left her, tears dropped everyday, nothing could put a smile on a face, she aged real quick. Her pains and sorrows, I could feel, her cry for help, I could hear but I was nothing short of a short hand. The sight of men sent her running, she barely touched anyone, my heart was broken, a woman that once sent chills down my hands could barely make herself smile, if I had the power to go back in time, things would have been different. 
Everything became cold, charmless and miserable. Fear set in, same as depression. Life was running fast on her, she foresaw death in everything that her palm touched, she was her own seer, her own disease. Never in my 67 years on earth have I seen a lovely woman that way. 

  • One day, enough became enough, a rape victim was about to take her own life, her depression hit rock bottom………..

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