Come Home Soon.

 You left when things were beginning to go well for us, you left without a reason. You shattered my heart and left me clutching to straws. Home isn’t home without you, sadness and emptiness have filled the room, the room stinks. How long will you be gone?

Having made promises to ourselves, you left like the wind, no notes, no texts, no calls. Did you find a better man? I visit your favorite park every passing day, hoping I’d smell your scent, the beach, hoping I’d catch the glimpse of you. I am outside still, I can barely fake a smile. You took my happiness with you, you took my sense of humour also. Now, I get provoked at the slightest of things. So much damages have been done in just months. You are my joy.

I am hoping and praying I’d hear a knock on the door, and hoping the face I see is you. I dream about you everyday, and sadness is the first thing I see when I wake up. My light, my comforter, my joy. Remember the words you said to me, the songs, the poems, they are still clear in my head, I see you in every lady I great. I am losing my sanity, I am jealous that you are happy without me. Should I keep on waiting? Will you return home? I wait still, hopefully, not In vain.


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